Directions and Contact


  • 3-chome 1-36 / Koganei, Tokyo 184-0004
  • 042-381-1116 (Japanese only)
  • 042-381-1235 (Japanese only)


  • Access by car

    Take the Chofu exit from the Chuo Expressway. There is a parking area, but the number of cars that can park is limited. Please call ahead if coming by car, to ensure that there is parking space available.

  • Access by train

    From Musashi Koganei Station on the JR Chuo Line, exit the station from the North Exit and make your way north up the Koganei Kaido Street to the Honcho 2-Chome intersection (you will see a small Shinto shrine on the corner). Make a right and continue on straight until the 2nd traffic light at an Inageya (a supermarket). Turn left here, and there will be signs for Sankō-in. The entrance is behind the supermarket. It is a 15-minute walk from the station.

  • Access by bus

    From Hana Koganei Station on the Seibu Shinjuku line, take the Seibu bus to Musashi Koganei and get off at the stop “Honcho 2-Chome”. It is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.

To place a reservation for the Takenogosho-style cuisine, please call the number below (Japanese only)


About the Takenogosho-style cuisine

■Flower(3500円, 6 courses)
■Moon(4600円, 7 courses)
■Snow(5800円, 8 courses)

※Meals are served at twelve noon only, and last 1-2 hours.
※Closed on Mondays, the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and the 4th Friday of the month.
※Reservations can be made from 3 months in advance up to the day prior. *Reservation by phone only
※Group reservations are possible up to 32 persons. In this case, please reserve at least 2 weeks in advance. *due to COVID, the we currently only accept reservations up to 16 people.

◎To place orders for Koei Tofu

For details, please see the section about the tofu on this page. Order by fax only.
「香栄とう富」申込書 ←Please fill out this form
Koei Tofu 110g 1,200円(tax inclusive)※delivery costs will apply separately

About the Terakoya-juku courses

To apply or request more information, please contact the appropriate person listed below. (Japanese only)

  • 《精進料理教室》

    第3水曜日 10:00~13:00 
    15,300円/3か月 3回分
    申し込み▶︎NHK学園 くにたちオープンスクールまで
    〒186-0004 国立市中1-9-30 国立せきやビル6F

  • 《仏教書道講座》※現在コロナ禍でお休み中です。

    第4日曜日 14:00~16:00
    3,000円/ 月
    申し込み▶︎講師 書画家・岡部 煌月先生まで

  • 《写仏講座》

    午前 10:00〜15:00(昼食持参)
    申し込み▶︎講師 仏画家・天野 たま美先生まで

  • 《音遊びクラブ》※現在コロナ禍でお休み中です。

    午前 10:30〜11:30
    申し込み▶︎三光院まで(講師 音楽療法士・林谷 嘉子先生)

  • 《尼寺で学ぶ食養生実習講座》※現在コロナ禍でお休み中です。

    第4月曜日 10:00~13:00
    申し込み▶︎講師 磯部 檜水夏先生まで

  • 《太巻き祭り寿司教室》※現在コロナ禍でお休み中です。

    第4金曜日 11:00~13:00
    申し込み▶︎講師 安部 範子先生まで

  • 《尼寺で愉しむ茶の湯》※現在コロナ禍で開講延期中です。

    申し込み▶︎講師 川嶋 宗美先生まで